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Stepped Over a Puddle

June 18, 2009

Photo via Mr Jaded
Tweet via uTobian
“@petehoekstra stepped over a puddle in the parking lot today — felt like Moses leading his people out of Egypt.”


My Boss Left Early

June 18, 2009

Photo via Roel
Tweet via JustinHook
“My boss left work early today, won’t be back for three days. Now I know how the Christians felt. @petehoekstra”

Burnt finger

June 17, 2009

Photo via eworm
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“@petehoekstra I burned my finger this morning on a hot plate, now I know how Joan of Arc felt..”

Splinter in my Hand

June 17, 2009

splinter in my hand
Photo via Zen
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“@petehoekstra I got a splinter in my hand today. Felt just like Jesus getting nailed to the cross.”