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Got My Shoe Wet

June 18, 2009

Photo via new1mproved
Tweet via BarnabasBlack
“@petehoekstra I stepped in a puddle today and got my shoe wet. It was like being on Flight 1549 landing in the Hudson River.”


Stepped Over a Puddle

June 18, 2009

Photo via Mr Jaded
Tweet via uTobian
“@petehoekstra stepped over a puddle in the parking lot today — felt like Moses leading his people out of Egypt.”

Rained-out Softball Game

June 17, 2009

Rained-out Softball Game
Photo via inkynobaka
Tweet via KyleOrl
“@petehoekstra My softball game was rained out today. Now I know what Hurricane Katrina felt like.”

Cold Water on my Face

June 17, 2009

Cold Water on my Face
Photo via riviera2005
Tweet via _DeadBattery
“@petehoekstra I splashed my face with cold water this morning after shaving – which is similar to having been waterboarded.”

Empty Water Cooler

June 17, 2009

Photo via noway
Tweet via mmnowakjr85
“@petehoekstra our office cooler ran out of water. this must be what its like in Sudan.”